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007During a recent visit to the Imperial War Museum in London, as I examined the Secret Service exhibits, I could not help but notice the sharp contrast between the villains depicted in James Bond 007 films and the real enemies of the Realm.

Sir Roger HillsKGB Infiltrators

Although MI5 and MI6, the British military and government were riddled with high level KGB infiltrators: Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, Harry Houghton, John Cairncross, George Blake, Donald Maclean, Geoffrey Prime, Anthony Blunt and Sir Roger Hollis, no 007 film has really tackled that reality. That M, at the time of the early Bond films, was a Soviet agent would make an explosive plot, but is never dealt with.

TRIBUTE to Dr. Ian Paisley PDF Print E-mail

Picture2Dr. Ian Paisley was one of the most consistently courageous and principled Protestants who changed history during a time of tremendous apostasy.



I still remember the shock I felt when I heard that Dr. Ian Paisley was a key-note speaker at a Ministers Conference at KwaSizabantu Mission in Zululand. From everything that I had heard throughout my life, Ian Paisley was "a violent hate preacher", "the cause of all the troubles in Northern Ireland!" Yet, within just a few minutes of this powerful preacher standing up and taking the pulpit, it became clear to me that I had been a victim of disinformation. Dr. Ian Paisley was one of the boldest, bravest and most Biblical preachers it has ever been my privilege to hear!


Why Born Again Christians Oppose the Papacy PDF Print E-mail

pope and incenceAs Protestant Evangelicals, we recognise that while we have serious differences and disagreements, there is also common ground, which both Protestants and Roman Catholics can agree on. We wholeheartedly endorse and believe The Apostles Creed, The Nicene Creed and The Athanasian Creed as foundational statements, which all Christians must accept if they are to be called Christians at all. We respect the Church fathers including Augustine, Tertullian, Origen, Cyprian, Athanasius and Polycarp. In fact, the Reformers respected, quoted from, referred to and accepted the Church fathers as their own.

In addition, many of the saints and heroes of the Roman Catholic church are ours also, including the great missionaries: Patrick, Boniface, Francis of Assisi, and many others as examples of dedicated Christians who are an inspiration to us all.

As Protestants we oppose Roman Catholicism, but we are not against Roman Catholics. Frequently they are our allies in the pro-life, pro-family, pro-moral movements, standing up for pre-born babies against the violence of abortion, opposing homosexual attempts to pervert the very definition of marriage and the fight against pornography and prostitution and a host of other social and ethical issues.

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