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19701 757227031059890 7339139396585273909 nThe extraordinary media campaign and mob-bullying tactics against a statue of Cecil John Rhodes on the campus of the University of Cape Town undermines education in our country.

Mandela Appreciated Rhodes

President Nelson Mandela publically praised the vision and educational legacy of Cecil John Rhodes. Nelson Mandela even linked his name with that of Rhodes in his appreciation for the educational legacy of the Rhodes Trust by launching the Mandela-Rhodes Trust. At a speech at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, 16 April 2002, a century after the death of Cecil Rhodes, Nelson Mandela emphasized the need to: "…honour… and respect those who have worked to build and develop our country… South Africa belongs to all who live in it, united in our diversity… we have to harness all of the different strands of our history as we reconstruct and develop our country. We have to ensure that we live together in ways that make all South Africans confident that the country equally belongs to all who live in it."

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10644445 754236968025563 286847132387959388 oDuring our recent South Africa Mission we were able to visit a number of monuments, museums and battle sites. While some of these museums are well run and carefully maintained by diligent and committed people, those that are in state hands are often mismanaged and we saw evidence of attempts to hijack history. It was Karl Marx who declared that "the first battlefield is the re-writing of history".

The Battle over History

It is critically important that we seek to preserve and treasure our history from a Christian perspective. It was shocking to visit the Mission Church Museum in Long Street, Cape Town and see how all the beautiful wooden free standing displays of Missions, Churches and Missionaries who established Christianity in South Africa have been taken off the floor, folded up and are collecting dust and cobwebs upstairs, behind the organ. Political, ANC, Mandela and Islamic propaganda displays have been set up obscuring the Bible displays and part of the pulpit area, in what is the oldest place of worship still standing in South Africa.

JAN VAN RIEBEECK - Father of the Nation PDF Print E-mail

JohaPicture1n Anthoniszoon van Riebeeck was born 21 April 1619, in Culemborg, on the River Le, East of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. He was the son of a surgeon. At age 16, he had already accompanied his father to Greenland and Brazil. Jan van Riebeeck grew up in Schiedam where he married 19-year old Maria de la Quellerie, 28 March 1649. Jan and Maria van Riebeeck had 8 children. One of their sons, Abraham van Riebeeck, who was born in Cape Town, later became Governor General of the Dutch East Indies.


VOC Surgeon

At age 20, Jan van Riebeeck joined the Vereenigde Oost–Indische Compajnie (VOC). He served as a surgeon in Batavia in the East Indies. He was also the head of the VOC Trading Post in Tonkin, of what is today Viet Nam. In 1643, he served at De Jime in Japan.

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