How the New World Order is Hijacking Civilisation PDF Print E-mail

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Constructive Chaos

The New World Order has used wars, economic depressions, recessions and population control to undermine Western civilisation and bring about their Globalist Agenda.

Why Should I Care About Dates in History? PDF Print E-mail


"Why should I care about dates and dead people?"


Frequently we hear expressions of exasperation against the teaching of history.

"What possible relevance could all those events of long ago have for me today?"


Real History Has Great Relevance

Well, take 9/11. Did Muslim Jihadists just choose an arbitrary date for the aircraft hijackings and terror attacks on 11 September 2001?

The Great Siege of Malta PDF Print E-mail


11 September marks a most strategic date in history. This week marks the 450th anniversary of a most dramatic defeat of Islamic Jihad against Europe. Face by a new threat of Islamic invasions, Europe needs to learn afresh the lessons of the Great Siege of Malta.

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The Turkish Threat

In 1565 Islam was threatening all of Europe. The Ottoman Turkish Empire had conquered the entire Middle East, sacking the greatest city in the world at that time, Constantinople (now renamed Istanbul), massacring the Christian population. In 1526, the Turks had unsuccessfully besieged Vienna, in the very heart of Europe.

Slave Raids on Europe

Muslim slave raiders were depopulating whole villages, attacking coastal towns of Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Wales and Ireland and even seizing white slaves from as far away as Iceland. Ultimately over 1.1 million Christian Europeans were kidnapped and enslaved by Muslim pirates between 1500 and 1800.


World War 1 Centenary

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