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taleof2The Father of modern Missions, William Carey, was a man ahead of his time. In 1810, he proposed a World Missions Conference, and he suggested Cape Town as the ideal venue! It was 100 years later, in 1910, that the first World Missions Conference was held, in Edinburgh. Two hundred years after William Carey had proposed it, Cape Town hosted the Third Lausanne Conference on World Evangelism, October 2010.

Cape Town 2010

It was a tremendous privilege to participate in this Congress on World Evangelisation. With over 4,200 invited participants from 198 countries, and extending through global link sites to another 700 venues across 95 countries, Cape Town 2010 was the largest and most representative Missions Conference in history.

Edinburgh 1910

Although I did not hear anyone in any of the plenary sessions refer to Edinburgh 1910, I had to conclude that surely it had been the intention to mark the centenary of the first World Missions Conference.

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RefFireConf31We praise God for His blessings on the Reformation FIRE Conference held in the historic Dutch Reformed Church in picturesque Franschhoek, 30 October.

Recognising the Threats

The day before Reformation Day, a wide spectrum of Christians from far and wide gathered together to recognise the threats - how civilization has been hijacked and to turn the tide by considering the battle-proven Reformation strategies for Revival.

Turning the Tide

Strategy groups considered how we may decisively work for Biblical Reformation in education, in the news media, entertainment, churches and in the social and political spheres. Report backs were given on Reformation FIRE seminars that have already been held in seven countries throughout Africa, hosted by affiliates of the Christian Action Network.

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30 October 2013


outside churchThe participants and representatives gathered at the Reformation FIRE Conference held in the historic Dutch Reformed Church in Franschhoek, on this 30th day of October in the year of our Lord 2013, reaffirm our Faith, trust, loyalty and commitment to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Standing Firm in the Faith

Almighty God, our Creator and Eternal Judge, is the Truth. The Holy Scripture which He inspired is infallible and inerrant. Scripture alone is our ultimate authority. Salvation is by the grace of God alone, received by Faith alone, on the basis of the Atonement of Christ alone. Our Lord Jesus Christ alone is the Head of the Church.

Facing the Threats

As a conference we have discussed the serious threats to religious freedom, the attacks on the family, the basic building block of society, the undermining of traditional, Biblical marriage, and undermining of freedom of conscience. There is no doubt that we are involved in a world war of

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