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What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? (60 min) - Excellent Coral Ridge production.

The History and Theology of Calvinism (260 min) - Tremendous series. Foundational.

KJV – The Making of the King James Bible.

Our Christian Heritage (50 min).

The Ten Commandments (220 min) - Moses and the Exodus are powerfully depicted in this great award-winning epic.

The Passion (120 min) - The Crucifixion, graphically depicted.

Empty Cities (28 min) - Effective Moody Science documentary on ancient civilizations.

The Way of the Master - A Tremendous evangelistic training programme series.

Answers in Genesis - Outstanding Creation evangelism resources.

Evolution Vs. God - Way of the Master’s excellent expose of the fraud of Evolutionism.

The Final Frontier – Death and the Afterlife. A Powerful Evangelistic film aimed at the cynical, skeptical and media-saturated.

The Atheist Delusion – Excellent Way of the Master documentary. Powerful Evangelism.

The Case for Christ – Both the drama and documentary.

Christian History Institute Overview of Church History (4x30 min) - Good overview.

God’s Not Dead (120 min) - Profound and powerful drama on the intimidation of students by atheist professors in university. Inspiring.

Witchcraft Repackaged (120 min) - Vital exposé of the occultic Harry Potter phenomenon.

The Gods of Entertainment (60 min) - Very important exposé of Hollywood’s Humanism.

Truth Prevails – Jan Hus (56 min) - New documentary on the Reformer and Martyr of Prague.

Monumental - Kirk Cameron’s Search for America’s National Treasure.

A Christian Manifesto (60 min) - Francis Schaefer’s documentary against abortion.

The Spreading Flame - An overview of Protestant history.

Lady Jane (135 min) - The brave Protestant queen who was martyred under “Bloody Mary” after only 9 days reign.

Spurgeon Tonight (56 min) - The Prince of Preachers, Charles Spurgeon.

Jesus of Nazareth (380 min) - Beautifully presented.

It’s a Wonderful Life (130 min) - Classic Christmas film on the impact of a life lived for others.

Warriors of Honour (Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson) (80min)

Beyond Gates of Splendour (96 min) - The story of the 5 missionary martyrs in Ecuador.

The Story of Eric Liddell (80 min) - Inspiring documentary of Scottish Olympic champion of Chariots of Fire fame and his martyrdom as a missionary to China.

The Da Vinci Delusion (60 min) - Coral Ridge Ministries exposé of the Da Vinci Code.

Candle in the Dark – the Story of William Carey (140 min) - Christian History Institute drama on the Father of the Modern Missionary movement.

Captivated – Finding freedom in a media captive culture (107 min).

The Agony and the Ecstasy (140 min) - Historical epic on Michelangelo’s artistic masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Apocalypto (138 min) - An exposé on the brutal Central American Mayan “civilization”.

The End of the Spear – Dramatic big-screen drama on the missionary martyrs in Ecuador.


Dr. Peter Hammond

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