“The Greatest Briton of All Time!”

Churchills War CoverA BBC poll in 2002 declared that people in Britain consider Winston Churchill the “greatest Briton of all time!” He was certainly one of the most extraordinary people of the 20th century, having come under fire as a correspondent attached to the Spanish Army in Cuba during the war there, fought with the Malakand Field Force in India and Afghanistan, rode in the last cavalry charge of the empire at Omdurman, was taken prisoner in the Anglo Boer War, escaped to write best-selling books about his war experiences, became an international celebrity and entered parliament at 26-years old. At 36 he was the First Lord of the Admiralty, where he was the most powerful voice in the British Cabinet for war. Cashiered after the Dardanelles/Gallipoli disaster, Churchill spent some time at the Yper Front and then became Minister for War and Air in Lloyd George’s cabinet. He was at the centre of power for most of the first half of the 20th century and participated in all of the great decisions of Britain which affected its decline in the 20th century. Possibly the most famous of all British prime ministers, his speeches and quotes have been some of the most admired and repeated in history. However, not since fictional personages, like Zeus and Hercules, have so many myths been attached to one man. Most people today know more about the myth of Churchill than the facts behind the fantasy.

Scorched Earth in Afghanistan

Churchill’s report on his participation on the punitive expedition into Afghanistan reads like the records of a war criminal: “We proceeded systematically, village by village and we destroyed the houses, filled up the wells, blew up the towers, cut down the great shady trees, burned the crops and broke the reservoirs in punitive devastation.” He wrote “All who resist will be killed without quarter.” Because the Pashtuns need to “recognise the superiority of our race.” He also wrote that “Every tribesman caught was speared, or cut down at once.”

The Bengal Famine in India

The people of India are not particularly fond of Winston Churchill either. He wrote: “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.” Bengal had a better than normal harvest in 1943 and fearful that the Japanese may invade and benefit, Churchill ordered the British Army to ship tonnes of rice away from the starving people to the Middle East where it was not even needed. When the starving people of Bengal asked for food, Churchill declared that the famine was their fault for “breeding like rabbits!” The Viceroy of India reported “Churchill’s attitude towards India is negligent, hostile and contemptuous.”

A Policy of Starvation

British Secretary of State in India, Leo Emery, declared that he did not see “much difference between Churchill’s outlook and Hitler’s!” When Canada offered 10,000 tonnes of rice and the United States 100,000 tonnes, Churchill point blank refused to allow it. When he heard that Mahatma Gandhi was fasting in protest against British rule, he declared that he would “rather see Gandhi trampled to death by an elephant with the viceroy riding on its back!” Later he questioned the Viceroy: “Why isn’t Gandhi dead yet?” Over 4 million Indians are estimated to have died in the Bengal famine of 1943.

Invading Iran

Iranians remember that Churchill supported the joint invasion of neutral Persia by Soviet, British and American forces during 1941 to provide a supply line for Western weapons and strategic supplies to be shipped to Stalin’s Soviet Union. Later, in 1953, when Winston Churchill was prime minister, he again supported the CIA operation (Operation Ajax) that organised a coup against the elected government of Mohammad Mosaddegh to ensure British control of the oil fields there.

Poison Gas Bombing in Iraq

People in Iraq will remind you that when Winston Churchill was Secretary of State for the Colonies in 1921, he re-drew the map to create the present state of oil-rich Kuwait, separate from Iraq and ensured that the Kurds not rule themselves, but be divided up under Turkey, Iraq and Iran. When some Iraq tribes and Kurds objected to the signing away of their rights to rule themselves, Winston Churchill advocated the use of mustard and poison gases. As Secretary for War and Air, he advised “the provision of some kind of asphyxiating bombs for use in preliminary operations against turbulent tribes” in Mesopotamia (Kurdistan and Iraq).

Bomber Harris’ Praise for Churchill’s Bombing in Iraq

As Bomber Harris observed of Churchill’s bombings of civilians in Mesopotamia: “The Arab and Kurd now know what real bombing means – within 15 minutes a full sized village can be practically wiped out and a third of its inhabitants killed or injured, by four or five machines which offer them no real target, no opportunity for glorious warriors, no effective means of escape!”

Reprisals in Irelandchurchillireland

The people of Ireland remind one that when Churchill was Minister of Home Affairs, he sent the Black and Tans to rampage across the country to carry out reprisals. He advocated the use of fighter aircraft to disperse Irish mobs with machine gun fire and bombs “to scatter and stampede them.”

Detention without Trial and Forced Labour in Kenya

In Kenya, people will remind you that when Winston Churchill was prime minster of Britain, he declared a state of emergency in Kenya 1952 and ordered 150,000 men, woman and children, forced into concentration camps. When at a cabinet meeting in 1954, members reminded the prime minister that this course (detention without trial and forced labour) is a technical breach of the Forced Labour Convention of 1930 and the Convention on Human Rights adopted by the Council of Europe, he dismissed their objections. When Lord Mountbatten objected to the “terrible savagery” of his policies in Kenya, Churchill retaliated by refusing to allow Lord Mountbatten to take his wife with him on an official state visit to Turkey.

Supporting the Saudi Despot

Also, as far as Churchill’s claim that there can be no compromise with dictators, he raised the British payment to Bedouin bandit Ibn Saud, who turned Saudi Arabia into a Wahhabians dictatorship, to receive a personal pay out of £100,000 a year. A stupendous sum in 1922. “My admiration for him (Ibn Saud) was deep, because of his unfailing loyalty to us.” Evidently being a dictator is not so bad when you are loyal to British political aims. Churchill himself described Ibn Saud, as “intolerant, well-armed and blood-thirsty!” But as long as we are on the British side, that was good enough for Winston. In the 1940s, Churchill gifted Ibn Saud a special Rolls-Royce.

Concentration Camps and Scorched Earth in South Africa

As far as concern for human rights goes, Churchill wrote approvingly of the British concentration camp and scorched earth policy during the Second Anglo Boer War (1899-1902). “It was great fun galloping about” in South Africa, he wrote. Winston Churchill said of the British Concentration camps, which killed six times more Boer woman and children, than Boers who died in action, that they produced “the minimum of suffering.”

Eugenics in England

Far from being pro-life, as Home Secretary Churchill enthusiastically supported forcibly sterilising the feeble minded and putting in labour camps, 100,000 “degenerate” Britons to “halt the decline of the British race”. He also suggested that “tramps, beggars and wastrels” ought to be sent to labour colonies.

Churchill’s National Socialism

Although Winston Churchill made a name for himself as an opponent of socialism, both before and after the First World War with such brilliant comments as “Socialism can only work in Heaven where they do not need it, or in hell where they already have it!” He did put into place a severe national socialism in war-time Britain while he was prime minister (1940-1945). As the Mises Institute observed in 1950, “It is noteworthy to remember that British socialism was not an achievement of Mr Attlee’s labour government, but of the War Cabinet of Winston Churchill.” Churchill boasted that his New Liberalism offered “a wide, comprehensive, interdependent scheme of social organisation incorporating a national series of legislative proposals and administrative acts”. Personal freedom seems to have been the furthest thing from Churchill’s mind and actual policies. It is ironic that the immense power of the British labour unions that made Britain the “sick man of Europe” for two generations and became the target of Margaret Thatcher, originated with the enthusiastic help of her hero, Winston Churchill.

Redrawing the Map of the Middle East

Churchill as Colonial Secretary invented two client kingdoms, Transjordan and Iraq, both artificial and unstable states. He denied the Kurds their own homeland and carved most of Iraq’s oil fields into a new state called Kuwait.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt called Churchill “that drunk.” As did Canadian prime minster, McKenzie. General Patton expressed shock at Churchill’s intemperate indulgence during the Casablanca Conference in Morocco.

Darwinian Pagan

In a letter to his mother, Winston Churchill stated: “I do not accept the Christian or any other form of religious belief.” Churchill was clear that he believed in the Darwinian doctrine of survival of the fittest. He quoted positively from William Ernst Henley’s viciously anti-God poem Invictus: “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul!”

article-2060301-0EC2FCB700000578-207 306x423Most Terrifying

In his writings, Winston Churchill describes the “most terrifying sound” he ever heard in his life. The night after he had been captured by the Boers in the Anglo Boer War, he heard the sound of the Boers singing, Psalms! “Worse, even than the sound of shells, the sound of Boers singing Psalms! It struck the fear of God into me. What sort of men are we fighting? They have the better cause and the cause is everything.” (The Boer War, by Thomas Packenham).

Treacherous Turn About

In January 1940, Churchill had hailed the heroism of Finland in resisting the Soviet onslaught in the Winter War, declaring: “Everyone can see how communism rots the soul of a nation, how it makes it abject and hungry in peace and proves it base and abominable in war.” A great speech. Very true observations. Yet, 18 months later, Churchill declared war on Finland for continuing to resist Stalin’s aggression! Vast numbers of British seamen perished and massive tonnage of British ships were sunk transporting weapons of war through the Arctic convoys to Murmansk, to bolster the Red Army in its war, amongst others, against Finland!

Public Relations Agent for Stalin

During his September 1942 trip to Moscow, where Churchill enjoyed a 19-course meal with Stalin that saw gallons of alcohol consumed, Churchill asked Stalin “Have you forgiven me?” Stalin smiled “All that is in the past. It is not for me to forgive, it is for God to forgive!” On his return Churchill rose in parliament to tell his countrymen that they were fortunate to be allied to so great a man as Joseph Stalin: “This great rugged war chief is a man of massive outstanding personality… a man of inexhaustible courage and will power… a great man. Stalin has left me with the impression of a deep, cool wisdom and a complete absence of allusions of any kind.” Here Churchill had plainly sold his soul to the devil.

Blatant Sickening Hypocrisy

Churchill’s concessions at Yalta were worse by far than Chamberlain’s at Munich. While the Sudeten Germans clamoured to join Germany, the Poles were terrified and horrified of Stalin’s Soviet Union. At Yalta in Feb 1945, Churchill gave moral legitimacy to Stalin’s brutal dictatorship seizing half of Europe. 100 million Christians East of the Oder River had to watch what democracy and freedom they had known before the war, disappear. They also suffered the added humiliation of seeing such words as “free elections”, “sovereignty”, “democracy”, “independence”, “liberation. Deliberately corrupted, debased, made duplicitous, in a Declaration of Liberated Europe, the very title of which, given the ugly reality underneath, is a piece of calculated Soviet Effrontery – one, however, that both Churchill and FDR acquiesced in.” (Roosevelt and Stalin by Robert Nisbet)

The Betrayal of Eastern Europe

To Churchill, the independence and freedom of 100 million Christian peoples of Eastern Europe was not worth a war with Russia in 1945. Why then had Poland been worth a war with Germany in 1939? Did Churchill ever care about Poland? His ambivalence towards it and often expressed contempt for Polish leaders and Polish people with whom Britain was allied was on public display in his History of the Second World War, where he described them as the “vilest of the vile.”

The Catastrophic Cost of War at All Costs

Was it worth bankrupting and bleeding his country and bringing down the empire for the betrayal of Eastern Europe and the bankrupting of the British Empire? Was it worth declaring war to keep 350,000 Danzigers separate from the Germany they wished to re-join?

Operation Keelhaul

Churchill had earlier described the Soviet regime as “a vile combination of criminality and animalism.” Yet Churchill colluded with Stalin in such monstrous crimes as the forcible return of millions of Russians, Ukrainians and other East Europeans from allied occupied territory into the hands of Stalin’s NKVD. Although the Cossacks had never been Soviet citizens and had fled the country during the Civil War of 1919-1920, even they and their children were forcibly handed over to Stalin’s bloodthirsty NKVD.

Ethnic Cleansing

Churchill also agreed to the ethnic cleansing of 15 million Germans from their ancestral homes, more than 2 million of whom would die in the brutal exodus. He agreed to hand over millions of German Prisoners of War to become slave labourers for the Soviets. Most died in Stalin’s concentration camps. He also bullied the Poles into handing more than 40% of their country over to be annexed by the Soviet Union. More Germans would die in the forced transfer of their territory to the Soviet Union at the end of the Second World War, than Armenians perished in the Turkish massacres of the First World War. The territories of East Prussia, Pomerania, East Brandenburg, Silesia, Danzig, Memel and the Sudetenland were relentlessly and ruthlessly cleansed of Germans, whose families had inhabited those provinces for centuries. While these crimes against humanity were being perpetrated the allies at Nuremberg were self-righteously and hypocritically prosecuting German officers for so-called “crimes against humanity” during the war.

Using Canadians as Cannon Fodder at Dieppe

Canadians have observed that Winston Churchill was primarily responsible for the disastrous cross channel raid on the French Port of Dieppe. 6,000 Commandos, mostly Canadians, were thrown away on what was effectively a suicide mission to test German defences and to assure Stalin that Britain was doing its part to keep German divisions tied down in France to relieve the pressure on Stalin’s Red Army on the Eastern Front. Two thirds of the Canadian force were killed, wounded or captured and the RAF lost 3 aircraft to every one against the Luftwaffe. Canadians have never forgotten what one officer described “as the bloodiest nine hours in Canadian military history”.

Fleeced and Looted for the Cause

Churchill was a great man – at the cost of his own country’s greatness. Before Lend-Lease Aid would begin Britain was forced to sell all her commercial assets in the United States and turn all her gold over to the Americans. “We are not only to be skinned but flayed to the bone”, Churchill complained to his colleagues. Roosevelt was determined to milk Britain of all she was worth, to separate her from her empire and to seize the British raw materials and markets and flood them with American goods, all while being financed by British and South African gold.

Paid Agent of a Foreign Power

Winston Churchill also received millions of dollars from the Czech government to be an agent of influence in the British parliament and to bring down the Chamberlain government in the United Kingdom.

Not That Far Sighted

Ironically Winston Churchill opposed Chamberlain’s re-armourment of Britain programme and mocked his deployment of radar, voting against the very weapons and technology which would later become so invaluable in his war.

Great Depression

As Chancellor of the Exchequer 1924 to 1929, Churchill helped to bring about the economic collapse by colluding with the US Federal Reserve and Bank of England to prop up the British pound by inflating the US Dollar, which fuelled the speculative run of the 1920s, which ended in the Wall Street Crash and Great Depression of 1929.

The Sinking of the Lusitania

There had always been suspicions that when Winston Churchill was First Lord of the Admiralty he engineered the sinking of the Lusitania to bring America into the war on Britain’s side. With the Lusitania files being sealed for 60 years, it was evident that the government was hiding something colossal. As the Lusitania papers proved the ship was indeed being used to transport vast quantities of weapons and ammunition, illegally and the British and American governments both knew and conspired together to ensure that this information was known by the Germans and that the Lusitania was directed towards known positions of U-boats. Rescue efforts were also delayed to ensure that a large number of passengers perished in this incident.

Secret and Seditious Communications

As First Lord of the Admiralty in 1939-1940, Winston Churchill engaged in unprecedented bypassing of Diplomatic channels. The direct communications between President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and First Lord Churchill under frantic secrecy led to the imprisonment of Tyler Kent – America’s cypher clerk at the US embassy in London, who stumbled upon this suspicious breech of protocol.

On the War Path

Contrary to FDR’s public statements and American Law, three months prior to the war, FDR was assuring King George VI that the US Navy would sink German U-boats on sight. Churchill worked day and night to collude with FDR to bring their countries into the war.

No Peace Talks Allowed

As Prime Minister Churchill refused to allow any negotiations for peace and rejected any out of hand any and all overtures for peace, forbidding his Embassy personnel to even receive any communications from German Embassies or their representatives. It was this doggered refusal to consider any peace negotiations that doomed Europe and the British Empire to devastation and ruin and paved the way for the rise of the Soviet Union and Red China, the debacle of decolonisation and a rise of the European Union, the United Nations and the New World Order. Just because things happen the way they did, does not mean it was inevitable or unavoidable. Other choices would have produced different results.

Unprecedented Unconditional Surrender

Churchill’s demand for unconditional surrender was an unprecedented demand that greatly prolonged the war and immeasurably increased the death toll of World War Two.

Saturation Bombing of Cities

The saturation bombings campaigns which rained unprecedented death and destruction on the cities in Germany destroyed more than the rampaging hordes of Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun. His deportations of Russians and Ukrainians under Operation Keelhaul were amongst the greatest crimes committed in the 20th century.

Defending Britain from Imminent Invasion

Darkest Hour several times refers to the “imminent invasion” of the British Isles. This turns out to have been a Churchillian myth and propaganda statement, designed to keep the British in the fight. The war had been started ostensibly to defend Poland. However, while Poland had been invaded by both Germany from the West and the Soviet Union from the East, Britain only declared war on Germany. When the Soviet Union attacked Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, Churchill still sought an alliance with Stalin. With the British Army defeated in Norway, Belgium and France, there was no real reason for the country to remain at war. Generous peace terms were being offered. So Churchill invented the myth of Operation Sealion that Germany was planning to invade Great Britain. In fact this was never seriously considered and as many historians, including Patrick Buchanan, have pointed out, Germany never even produced landing craft suitable for such an operation.

Misled by Disinformation

Most British soldiers, including my own father, who fought all 6 years of WW2 in the Royal Artillery of the 8th Army, assumed they were defending Britain. They did not know that Germany never wanted war with Britain and never even developed the weapons necessary for such an invasion. As Ian Smith declared, if they had known what the war was being fought for, they would not have fought against one another, but together against the real enemy – the communist Soviet Union.

Shocking Track Record

When one considers Churchill’s personal conduct in the Afghan Campaign, the Anglo Boer War, the Disaster of the Gallipoli campaign, how Churchill orchestrated the sinking of the Lusitania, the hunger blockade of Germany, the Bengal famine in India, the saturation bombing of Germany, the assassination of General Sikorski, the betrayal of all of Eastern Europe to the hands of the Soviet NKVD, the colossal aid channelled to Stalin’s Soviet Union and the ethnic cleansing of over 15 million Germans at the end of the Second World War, it appears that rather than a war hero, Winston Churchill should rather be considered a war criminal.

Disastrous Consequences are with Us to this Day

The Churchill cult and mythology has been used to justify many unjust wars, such as the war against Iraq and the present one against Syria. The deifying of Winston Churchill and his indefensible hell-bent determination to save the Soviet Union and ally with Stalin, in order to bring down Germany, precipitated the downfall of Western civilisation. Today we live with the catastrophic consequences of Churchill and FDR’s disastrous policies. “While they promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of corruption…” 2 Peter 2:19

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