The Urgent Need for Revival Today Print

The one thing that stands in the way of Revival is sin. Revivals come from the Holy Spirit. Sin grieves the Holy Spirit. Sin quenches the Holy Spirit. Sin resists the Holy Spirit.

Revivals start when people repent and confess their sins. Judgment must begin in the House of God. Be faithful in small matters. If you are not faithful in financial matters, God will not entrust you with Spiritual matters.

If we do not experience a genuine Revival from the Holy Spirit, then a satanic Revival will fill the vacuum.

What a disgrace when a Christian is despondent, whining and complaining! God wants to come down in Revival much more than we want Him to come down.

John the Baptist was described by our Lord Jesus as the greatest man born of woman. John the Baptist was ďA voice of one, calling in the desert. Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him. Every valley shall be filled in, every mountain and hill made low. The crooked road shall become straight, the rough places smooth. And all mankind will see Godís salvation.Ē Luke 3:4-6

We must make a highway of Holiness for the Glory of God. We must prepare the way for the Lord. Make straight paths for Him. Fill in the valleys. Some Christians are just up and down, up and down. No stability. We need to fill in those low places and we need to flatten the mountains. All those high and proud things in our lives must be brought low. You must learn to bend before God or He will break you.

The angels sing: ďHoly, Holy, Holy is the Lord.Ē Not: Love, Love, Love! God is Holy. His Spirit is the Holy Spirit. We need to fear God. We need to hate the world.

Be filled with the Triune God so that you wonít be filled with the world.

We need Revival badly, but we will only get it Godís way.

Many of our theological seminaries teach academics, but donít care how their students live. We will be doomed and damned forever if we swallow the lie that pastors can be produced from theological seminaries that teach academic head knowledge, but without changing the lives of their students. If we do not produce holy pastors then the congregations are doomed. We desperately need Revival, but we will only get it Godís way.

The Revival at KwaSizabantu began with Bible study where we determined to take Godís Word at face value, and accept what it teaches Ė without argument, without seeking to justify ourselves. We started with the Book of Acts.

When you want Revival, study those verses in the Bible you donít like. Donít just go back over your favourite verses. Be willing to sacrifice. Godís thoughts are not our thoughts. Godís ways are not our ways.

Godís Word must not be just on our lips, but Godís Words must revolutionize and Reform every aspect of our lives.

When I recognised that I was the greatest sinner of our group, then the Revival began.

If you are still trying to please man, then you cannot be a servant of God.

The Apostle John wrote: ďHe who sins is of the devil. Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the devil.Ē

The Apostle Peter could say: ďSilver and Gold have I none, but such as I have I give unto you.Ē Today the church can no longer say that. We have lots of silver and gold, but now we cannot say: ďRise up and walk!Ē

The Revival in our mission began after we had cleared the dung out of the cowshed, then the Lord began to clear the dung out of our own hearts. Get rid of the dung in your life. Personal Revival starts with you. Donít blame your husband or wife! Put God first. Donít make an idol out of your children. Obey Godís Word. Donít be too proud to bow before God or you will go to hell with your pride!

Pride is the greatest obstacle to Revival. God expects obedience to His Word. Humble yourself before God. Die to self. Lose your life for Christís sake and you will find it.

(The above is just a summary of Rev. Erlo Stegenís 100 minute presentation at the Reformation and Revival Conference. For the full message on audio CD, contact The Reformation Society,

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