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If we dont understand history, we will have no future. History is not cyclical it is linear. We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. Preaching came of age in the Reformation. Unless we recover and rediscover the faith of the Reformers, our churches will be condemned to remain in the immature and ineffective state it has sunk to recently.

What is the heart beat of God today? What ailed England back then? What ails us today?

The Reformation started in Europe and then spread to England, but it was different in England. It became a national movement, a spiritual revolution in England.

God gave the rod to the family, the keys to the Church and the sword to civil government.

God and His Word were taken seriously in the Reformation. The Reformers taught that this was Gods world and we need Gods Word in every area of life.

The Reformation is not complete. We must study the Reformation to learn where it stopped short and what we still need to do. The Reformers were 100% committed. We must be ready to turn the world upside down. To be unpopular. There is work to be done. We need to recover what has been lost. Christ is Lord of all.

We are in the middle of a war between God and satan. Are you willing to be persecuted for Christ?

What passes for faith today is nothing like the rugged, robust faith of the Reformation.

How can we get the crown (the civil authorities) to recognise the Kingship of Christ? It is impossible for us to be non-religious. We will worship whether the true God or an idol. The ancient Israelites demanded: Give us a king (1 Samuel 8:1-7). They wanted to be like the heathen nations around them. Even today, there is general tendency to want to be like children, rejecting Gods Rule, imitating the pagan nations and looking to and trusting in daddy state.

The Reformation set about to restore Gods order. To restore Biblical principles to every area of life. To reject the slave mentality. To begin to think.

Gods thoughts are higher than our thoughts, His ways are higher than our ways.

Information does not equal wisdom, prudence and insight. Education is far more than information.

South Africa today is not growing up, but growing down. We are getting less mature and one can see in society generally, the deteriorating attitudes.

We need to understand the battleground. What is the problem? What is the remedy? Gods Word! We must study the Reformers because we are called to be Reformers. The Reformation was not merely an event and a period in history but our calling. We must pass on the baton to future generations. Our generation must grow beyond the immature Revivalism. The Fruit of Gods grace is seen in obedient lives. We must go from being conquered by sin to where we are conquering sin.

Christs claims are total. He came and rocked the boat. He disturbed the peace. Christ came to bring a sword (not peace). We need to be a Reforming generation. Gods Word is disturbing the peace to bring true peace. We need to grow and not depend on the state. Change our mindset. We need to be like those scouts of a good report in Joshua: We are well able to do it!

Gods cause cannot fail! We are more than conquerors through Christ! We are not in a post-Christian era, we are in a pre-Christian era! We need the spirit of Reformation today.

This is not the devils world, it is Gods world. God is ultimate reality. He is our Creator and Sovereign.

We are not condemned to defeat, we are called to victory. We are more than conquerors through Christ who strengthened us.

Gods people have to be tried and tested. Words and professions are easy. Sacrifice is hard. We need to be put through fires and afflictions.

Our Commission is not what the state says, but what God says in His Word.

Conviction wins. True religion is a response to truth, but false religion is an attempt to manipulate God.

(The above is a summary of the message presented by Pastor Mike O Donovan at the Reformation Society meeting (09/02/06).)

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