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What we can do to pray for Reformation and Revival in our lifetime.




1 A New Global Church Council
2 A Biblical Response to Halloween
3 Steps to Personal Reformation
4 The Church Today Urgently Needs Reformation
5 Reformation or Desecration?
6 Bizarre Examples of Why We Need Reformation Today
7 31 October is Reformation Day
8 Are You Praying for Revival?
9 Why Celebrate the Reformation?
10 Tracts
11 REFORMATION 500 - A Bold New Initiative for REFORMATION Today
12 Agenda - How the New World Order is Hijacking Civilisation
13 Epistle to the Bible Believing Churches
14 10 Things that are Undermining the Church Today
15 Serving the Persecuted
16 Recommended Film Resources
17 Practical Steps to Reformation
18 Why Born Again Christians Oppose the Papacy
19 Switzerland's Strategy for Survival
20 Church History Manual
21 Historic Graaff Reinet
22 Reformation FIRE Strategy Group Documents
23 Reformation FIRE Conference in Franschhoek
24 How To Start a Reformation Society
27 Basic Training Course in Evangelism
28 Reclaiming Europe for Christ
29 The Islamisation of Europe
31 A MODERN IDOL - The Truth About "Martin Luther King, Jr."
32 Reformation Fire for Africa
33 Revival
34 The Eschatology of Victory of the Greatest Century of Missions
35 Resisting Babylon and the Beast
36 A Heart Cry for Revival
37 Why Are Some Believers Converting to Roman Catholicism
38 The Christian Liberation of Women
39 Prepared for University?
40 Slavery Today and Setting the Captives Free
41 Universities - Hijacking Our Youth?
42 A Critique of Modern Youth Ministeries
43 The Need for Reformation Today
44 The Christian Roots of Education
45 The Urgent Need for Reformation and Revival in South Africa
46 Prayer and the Sovereignty of God
47 The Greatest Man that Ever Lived
48 Christians Can Change the World
49 When All Men Speak Well of You
50 The Book of Books
51 Why is There so Much Hostility Against the Bible and Christianity?
52 Mission to Europe
53 Unequally Yoked
54 A World to Win
55 Is Celebrating the Reformation Anti-Catholic?
56 The Urgent Need for Revival Today
57 The Battle for the Mind in the News Media
58 The Evolution vs Creation Debate and it's Impact on Churches Today
59 Reviving the Church Prayer Meeting
61 Reforming Music
62 Reforming Our Churches
63 Reformation for Transformation
64 Reformation and Revival
65 Reformation or Islamisation?
66 Reclaiming South Africa for Christ
67 Learning from the Puritans
68 Practical Steps to Reclaim South Africa for Christ
69 Missions in Africa
70 Hollywood, Humanism and History
71 The Heart of the Gospel
72 The Greatest Book in the World
73 Faith on Fire
74 English Literature - A Treasure of Western Civilisation
75 Emerging or Reforming?
76 The Church Needs a New Reformation
77 Celebrating the Scientific Heritage of Christianity
78 A Message to Roman Catholics
79 Being Relevant and Compassionate in a Broken World
80 Battlefields for Reformation
81 25 Steps you can Take for Reformation Today
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