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18 June marks the 204th anniversary of the decisive Battle of Waterloo. The British and German victory over the French at the Battle of Waterloo decisively ended the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars which had convulsed Europe for almost 25 years. It ended the political and military career of Napoleon Bonaparte and ushered in almost a century of general peace throughout most of Europe. Waterloo was a victory of Christianity against Humanism. It was a great victory for God's Covenant Nations. It was a victory for Protestant Britain and Germany against Catholic France. It marked the beginning of the Greatest Century of Missions.

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"…I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing…and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.'" Genesis 12:1-3


Most Valuable

15 June marks the 804th anniversary of the proclamation of Magna Carta. Magna Carta has been one of the most valuable exports of Great Britain to the rest of the world. Magna Carta has truly blessed all the families of the earth. Magna Carta was the first Statute, the first written restriction on the powers of government. 


acl20141210-135017-021Peace, Union and Republic

31 May marks the end of the Anglo Boer War (31 May 1902), the beginning of the Union of South Africa (31 May 1910) and the establishment of the Republic of South Africa (31 May 1961). For many years, 31 May was Republic Day – a public holiday in South Africa.



At school in Rhodesia, I found myself often at loggerheads with other students and some of the teachers because I supported the Boers and argued that Britain was the aggressor in both Anglo-Boer Wars. That was not a popular position to take for an English-speaking student, in a Rhodesian school. At Milton Junior and Milton High Schools in Bulawayo the principals proudly proclaimed that we Rhodesians were "more British than the British!" Our textbooks all came from England and their perceptions of South African History was, in my opinion, unbalanced and unfair.



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