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Philipp Melanchthon - The Teacher of Germany 1When Philipp Melanchthon delivered his first lecture at the University of Wittenberg,in 1518, Dr. Martin Luther was impressed. Melanchthon was the new Professor of Greek, and although he stuttered during his presentation, his call for theologians to go “back to the sources, back to the Holy Scriptures” echoed the convictions of Luther's heart.

Melanchthon became an invaluable support to Luther's Reformation work. He accompanied Luther to the Leipzig debate in 1519. In 1521, Melanchthon published Loci Communes. This was the first structured presentation of Reformation doctrine and it became a standard textbook for Lutheran theology for over a century.

Melanchthon was the leading theological figure at the Diet of Augsburg, 1530. Melanchthon wrote and read out the Augsburg Confession before the Emperor Charles V.

Luther stated that without Melanchthon's methodological skills, much of his own work would have been lost.

Melanchthon's extensive efforts to reform, establish and develop schools and colleges earned him the title: “The Teacher of Germany.”

Dr. Peter Hammond

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