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150 Events, People and Publications that Changed History


4 BC Incarnation
30 AD Crucifixion, Resurrection & Pentecost
46 Paul’s Missionary Journeys
64 The fire in Rome, Nero launches persecution of Christians
70 Titus destroys Jerusalem
150 Justin Martyr writes his Apology
155 The martyrdom of Polycarp
177 Irenaeus writes Against Heresies
196 Tertullian begins to write Christian books
205 Origen begins writing ministry
250 Empire-wide persecution
251 Cyprian writes On the Unity of the Church
303 Great persecution
312 The conversion of the Roman Emperor Constantine
313 Edict of Milan grants religious toleration for Christians
325 The Council of Nicea
342 Ulphilas’ mission to the Goths
367 Athanasius’ letter recognises the New Testament Canon
385 Bishop Ambrose defies the Emperor
386 Conversion of Augustine
398 John Chrysostom becomes Bishop of Constantinople
405 Jerome completes the Vulgate translation of the Bible into Latin
410 Rome sacked
432 Patrick begins mission to evangelise Ireland
451 The Council of Chalcedon
493 King Clovis of the Franks becomes the first Barbarian ruler to be baptised
563 Columba goes as a missionary to Scotland
589 The Visigoths in Spain are converted to Christianity
716 Boniface sets out as a missionary to the Germans
732 The Battle of Tours in France: Charles Martel “the Hammer” stops Islamic advance
800 Charlemagne crowned Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire
863 Cyril and Methodius evangelise Slavs
900 King Alfred the Great lays foundation for the Common Law
966 Polish people converted to Christianity
988 Conversion of Vladimir, Prince of Russia
995 Olaf I conquers Norway and commands all it’s people to convert to Christianity – or die
1054 The East-West Schism
1095 The First Crusade launched
1099 Crusaders liberate Jerusalem from the Turks
1115 Bernard founds the Monastery at Clairvaux
1147 Lisbon liberated from the Muslims
1150 Universities of Paris and Oxford founded
1170 Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket is murdered
1173 Peter Waldo launches the Waldensian Movement
1206 Francis of Assisi renounces wealth and begins his ministry
1215 The Magna Carta – the first statute – written restriction on the powers of government
1231 Pope Gregory IX institutes the papal Inquisition
1273 Thomas Aquinas completes work on Summa Theologica
1291 Switzerland is founded
1347 The Plague breaks out – decimating Europe
1377 The Great Papal Schism begins
1380 Wycliffe oversees English Bible translation
1415 John Hus burned at the stake at the Council of Constance
1431 Joan of Arc burned at the stake
1453 The Fall of Constantinople to the Muslims
1456 Johann Gutenberg produces the first printed book – a Bible
1478 Establishment of the Spanish Inquisition
1492 The liberation of Spain from Islamic occupation completed
1492 Columbus discovers America
1498 Savonarola burned at the stake in Florence
1517 Martin Luther posts his Ninety-Five Theses in Wittenberg
1518 Ulrich Zwingli leads the Swiss Reformation
1525 Anabaptist movement begins
1529 Ottoman Turks besiege Vienna
1534 Henry VIII’s Act of Supremacy, and the Church of England breaks with Rome
1536 John Calvin publishes The Institutes of the Christian Religion
1536 William Tyndale is burned at the stake
1540 The Pope approves the Jesuits
1545 Opening of the Council of Trent - Counter-Reformation launched
1549 Xavier’s mission to Japan
1550 Cranmer produces The Book of Common Prayer
1553 Mary I (“Bloody Mary”) becomes Queen of England and burns hundreds of prominent Protestants at the stake
1555 Peace of Augsburg forces Emperor Charles V to tolerate freedom of religion for Lutherans in Germany
1559 John Knox returns to Scotland to lead the Reformation
1563 Foxe’s Book of Martyrs published
1571 The Battle of Lepanto destroys the Turkish fleet
1572 Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre
1582 Ricci’s mission to China
1588 Spanish Armada defeated by the English Navy
1598 Edict of Nantes grants French Protestants religious liberty
1608 John Smyth baptizes the first Baptists
1611 Publication of the King James Version of the Bible
1618 Thirty Years War between Catholics and Protestants begins
1620 Pilgrims sign the Mayflower Compact
1628 Comenius driven from his homeland
1631 King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden saves German Protestants from annihilation
1642 The English Civil War
1646 The Westminster Confession of Faith
1647 Peace of Westphalia end the Thirty Years War
1666 The Great Fire destroys most of London
1678 John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress published
1685 Louis XIV revokes the Edict of Nantes and exiles many thousands of French Huguenots
1685 The births of Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frederic Handel
1707 Publication of Isaac Watt’s Hymns and Spiritual Songs
1727 Awakening at Herrenhut launches Moravian Brethren
1735 Great Awakening begins under Jonathan Edwards
1738 John Wesley’s conversion
1739 George Whitefield starts open air preaching and spreads the Great Awakening
1742 Handel’s Messiah first presented
1776 The Continental Congress adopts the Declaration on Independence
1780 Robert Raikes begins Sunday Schools
1792 William Carey writes An Enquiry into the Obligation of Christians to Use Means for the Conversion of the Heathen
1793 William Carey sails for India and launches the modern missionary movement
1807 The slave trade is abolished by the British Parliament
1812 America’s first foreign missionaries, Adoniram and Ann Judson, sail for Burma
1817 Elizabeth Fry begins ministry to women in prison
1829 Suttee (widow burning) outlawed in India
1830 Charles G. Finney’s urban revivals begin
1830 John Nelson Darby helps start Plymouth Brethren
1840 David Livingstone sails for Africa
1854 Hudson Taylor arrives in China
1854 Charles Haddon Spurgeon becomes pastor in London
1855 Dwight L. Moody’s conversion
1857 David Livingstone publishes Missionary Travels
1861 United States and Confederate War Between the States
1865 William Booth founds the Salvation Army
1870 Pope Pius IX proclaims the doctrine of Papal Infallibility
1866 Student Volunteer Movement beings
1906 Azusa Street Revival launches Pentecostalism
1910 Publicaiton of The Fundamentals launches Fundamentalist Movement
1914-1918 First World War
1919 Karl Barth’s Commentary on Romans is published
1920 First Christian radio broadcast
1931 C.S. Lewis converted
1934 Cameron Townsend begins Wycliffe Bible Translators
1939-1945 Second World War
1948 World Council of Churches is formed
1949 Billy Graham’s Los Angeles Crusade
1950’s-80’s Bible smuggling into Communist Block
1960 Beginnings of the Modern Charismatic Renewal
1962 Second Vatican Council forms
1960’s Alexander Solzenitzen, Richard Wurmbrand, Francis Schaefer and R.J. Rushdoony’s writings; Dr James Kennedy launches Evangelism Explosion.
1970’s Chinese Church grows despite Cultural Revolution
1980’s Christian Reconstruction, Moral Majority, The Pro-life movement & resurgence of Christian schools and home schooling
1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall
1990’s Desk Top Publishing and the Internet, Revival amidst persecution in Sudan
1994 Holocaust in Rwanda
2001 Islamic terror attack on the World Trade Center and the start of America’s War Against Terror

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